Vampires Queen Gets Pregnant Vampires Queen Gets Pregnant
Nov 28, 2022 0   362

Vampires Queen Gets Pregnant


It's Halloween night, the only day of the year when the dark world merges with the real one. The Vampire Queen wants to give life to her perverse offspring, but in order to work, the spell that transforms the cum of giant dildos into fertilizing cum requires a particular ingredient: the cum of a human slave. The Vampires Queen will make the slave cum in her magic cup, she dri*ks it all, and at that point the dildos start producing all the fruitful cum she needs, just make them cum! The Vampires Queen is committed to fucking them all, right up to the balls, making them cum in her pussy and mouth in every position, ending up exhausted, with gaping holes and full of cum everywhere ... and finally pregnant

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