The Morning After Part Ii The Morning After Part Ii
Dec 08, 2022 0   129

The Morning After Part Ii


Thanks to the generous sponsorship of one of my absolute favorite fans, I'm able to to bring you this incredible 3sum scene with my own husband and the legendary DFW Knight! My first-ever interracial threesome, "The Morning After" is a real-life breeding scene, shot dangerously close to my most fertile time of the month. The double creampie at the end left me overflowing, cum spilling out uncontrollably as I tried to hold it in and suck it into my quivering womb! It felt like I was cumming for almost 20 minutes straight... and for 20 minutes after! Get this next-level, hour-long one of a kind scene featuring dfwknight and my actual husband - its the IR breeding threesome you could only dream of! For those hoping this would be the one, thankfully it didn't knock me up, because I already agreed to do it all over again with Big Max down in Miami! It's going to be a seriously steamy affair... thanks to all of you who have been willing to put money on the line so I can take the risks necessary to make you this content! Authenticity comes with a price, but anyone who buys my videos knows they are worth every penny! DM if you'd like any references :)

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