Lauren Louise Hogtie Date Night Lauren Louise Hogtie Date Night
Dec 08, 2022 0   104

Lauren Louise Hogtie Date Night


Lauren Louise gets to the bedroom to discover her partner has set out a pile of pink rope and a nice pink ballgag for her. Looks like it is going to be a hot hogtie date night! Forst Lauren's sexy body is wrapped in rope, a decorative rope web to tease and hug her and a crotch rope to titillate and torment her. Her heels are tied on for a while before being discarded in favour of bare feet, while her wrists and ankles are tight snug into a hogtie to keep her amused. For sure it is not the tightest hogtie they've ever done, but tonight's objective is pleasure, not pain. Lauren's willing mouth is filled with the ball gag and it is time to enjoy her confinement and constraint as she rolls around and languidly struggles on the luxurious satin sheets!

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