Pay Up, Pervert - August 22, 2023 Pay Up, Pervert - August 22, 2023
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Pay Up, Pervert - August 22, 2023


Dirty, old, disgusting perverts love hot, young, brats. The story usually goes that the gross old men are trying to exploit and take advantage... but not this time. This time, I'm in control, and I'm making you pay for your perversions. This time, I'm exploiting you. This is a financial domination and humiliation focused clip. It contains elements of verbal humiliation, brat worship, degradation, stroking/masturbation encouragement, goddess worship, sexual rejection, and financial domination from a FemDom POV perspective. Obsessed with me? Obsessed with my content? Understandable. Follow me on Twitter at @SendToVi

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